Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
  1. Can I register online for a class or activity and pay at a later date? No, all classes and activities require payment by credit or debit card at time of registration.
  2. How can I pay by cash or check?  Create your profile online by selecting "sign in".  Then contact the department or office in charge of the class to complete your registration and payment.  Contact information is found at the "Contact" link at the top of the page.
  3. Do you keep my credit card information?  No, as a security measure, you will need to input your credit card information every time you check out.
  4. Do you have to be a current RCS student to use this site?  No, when asked for an RCS student ID please use "999999" if you are not a current RCS student with an ID number.  Whether you are an adult or a minor all students attending classes are required to agree to the technology use agreement, and the student code of conduct agreement.
  5. Why do you ask for emergency information?  If anything happens to you, we need to know who to contact.
  6. How do I get a refund?  Contact the specific department to inquire about the refund policy.  There are varying policies depending upon the class or purchase.
  7. What if I purchased the wrong thing?  Immediately contact the appropriate department and ask if a transfer can be processed.
  8. What if I do not have a computer?  Please contact the appropriate department and request assistance in entering your profile, registering for classes, and completing your purchase.
  9. How do discounts show up?  After you have added your purchases and selected the cart to pay, on the payment page, you will input the code you have been given in the appropriate box and push the button "Apply Class Code".  If you have more than one discount, you will have to do the process more than one time.
  10. For Enrichment classes through the Enrichment Dept., only some language classes and one-on-one tutoring computer classes offer a senior discount.  You would need to register by phone or in person to receive the discount.